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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Daily Herald (an open letter to the editor)

Dear Daily Herald:

It continues to be amusing and then simply frustrating to read your irresponsible articles debunking global warming and your lack of support for environmental initiatives. The one-sided and extreme positions that you continue to publish only continue to embarrass Utah County and foster the opinion that we are truly a back-water, anti-intellectual environment.

Perhaps it would be in your best interest to present a more balanced tone; something more reasonable and representative of the current discourse about global warming taking place both nationally and internationally. Perhaps you need to remove the editorial board and re-examine your purpose in this marketplace.

Being consistently reckless with science and moral reasoning can only hurt your circulation as more "normal" folks start to view your paper as a caricature. These current economic times call for newspapers around the country to be vital; to play an important role in providing cutting edge information and reporting the facts and opinions that represent all sides of the issue.

Al Manzi, my friend and former publisher, tried to bring the Daily Herald into the 21st century. Please don't erase that effort with ridiculous commentary by a few ignorant extremists who next may try to argue that the earth is flat after all!

Respectfully submitted,

Lakshmi Johal-Dominguez, ABR,CRS,CSP,GRI,RRC
Aspen Real Estate & Development, L.C.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Meeting and Discussion with Tim DeChristopher

The February 19th meeting of the UVSF featured a talk and discussion with Tim DeChristopher, the individual who bid on Utah oil & gas leases without the intention of paying, in order to make a statement, set an example, protect natural areas and disrupt what some believe was a "last minute fire sale" of invaluable public lands. We had a very informative and useful discussion of Tim's actions and the implications and consequences.