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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UVSF helps bring World Famous Climate Scientist to Utah Valley

With the help of the UVSF, the UVU College of Science and Health hosted a talk ("From Science to Action") by the world renowned scientist, Dr. James Hansen. Dr. Hansen has done a great deal to call the world's attention to the serious treat of climate change and global warming, and the pivotal role of human-produced greenhouse gasses (chiefly from the burning of fossil fuels) in that dynamic. Dr. Hansen skillfully laid out the science related to global warming and added his perceptions of the future course of events for the planet. Photo©2009JNWestwater

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UVSF presents 1st UV Outstanding Green Business Award

To help mark Earth Day 2009 and to recognize and encourage good earth stewardship, the Utah Valley Sierra Forum (UVSF) Tuesday (4/21) presented its first "Utah Valley Outstanding Green Business Award" to the South Utah Valley Electric Service District (SESD). The UVSF intends to present this award quarterly in the future and invites business and individuals in Utah Valley to nominate green practicing business in the Valley for consideration of this award. Send nominations to uvsf@uvsf.us.

PHOTO CAPTION: The attached photo (below) is of the presentation today of "The Utah Valley Outstanding Green Business Award" being presented to Mr. Blair R. Hamilton, Board Chairman of SESD (L) by Mr. Ernie Rogers, Energy & Transportation Chair of the Utah Valley Sierra Forum (R). The presentation was made at the SESD offices on 4/21, to coordinate with Earth Day 2009. Photo ©2009 JNWestwater

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gobal Warming Doubts Remain in Utah Valley

BYU Associate Prof. Richard Gill, a noted climatologist and biologist, laid out the case underpinning the current scientific understanding of global warming at last night's Utah Valley Sierra Forum at the Provo Library. Dr. Gill said that according to the science, global warming is not a hoax, a fabrication or merely part of a natural cycle. Global warming is real and highly likely caused by greenhouse gases resulting from our burning of fossil fuels. The record crowd of 80+ people was definitely not the environmental "choir." Most of the audience believed that global warming was mainly or totally part of a natural cycle of global heating and cooling. A show of hands after the forum event suggested that deeply held beliefs were not changed by Dr. Gill's presentation of the science of climate study. None the less, the doubters heard a straight forward presentation of the current scientific understanding by a distinguished BYU professor who has studied this issue for the past 15 years.

None of Professor Gill's assertions were refuted by doubting audience members. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that deeply held beliefs are not easily changed even in the face of clear scientific peer-reviewed evidence to the contrary.

Photos ©2009 JNWestwater