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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Protect our Kids From New Freeway Pollution!

Help get the word out on the dangers to children from the health risks of the Mountain View Corridor. Click on the poster at right to ENLARGE. -->>

As several recent scientific studies have shown, children living near freeways are at extreme risk for severe health problems. For example, children within 250 yards from a freeway are 8-times more likely to develop leukemia and 6-times more likely to develop other cancers. In addition, children aged 12-18 living within 500 meters from a freeway are at highest risk for permanent deformities in lung development. There are also many other studies.

The proposed 8-lane freeway of the Mountain View Corridor (MVC) would travel along 5800 West in Salt Lake County. It will place several neighborhoods and schools in this deadly zone of distance next to this new freeway. Whittier and Hillside elementary schools and Hunter high school specifically would be inside this zone. [MVC would also split Lehi yet again, pollute the air, create health problems, create noise pollution and hurt residential property values. -Chair]

In the beginning of planning, UDOT appeared to be looking at new rail transit along 5600 West with the Mountain View Corridor studies. However, we have recently found that they have scrapped any new transit plans for this area until over a quarter of a century from now and have proposed the freeway to be even wider. Transit and non-freeway road expansion is the only solution to keep our children safe from these concentrated pollution threats.

Please contact me with any questions.

Marc Heileson, Sierra Club, (801) 467-9294, marc.heileson@sierraclub.org

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