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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The UVEF Stewardship Appreciation Survey 2012

How "green" is your Utah County city?

Around Utah County, cities and towns are doing many things that reflect good stewardship of the environment and help make our communities healthier and more livable for present and future generations. From citywide recycling to energy conservation, from “smart growth” to gradually switching to clean, safe, renewable sources of energy—progress is being made toward better stewardship. To identify, encourage and commend these efforts, and to help educate and inspire communities and their residents to do even more, the Utah Valley Earth Forum (UVEF)—the valley’s independent, volunteer, citizen environmental organization—invited all cities and towns in the county to participate in the first annual UVEF Stewardship Appreciation Survey.

The UVEF is delighted to report that most of the cities and towns—communities representing over 77% of Utah County’s urban population—took part in the survey. Every city and town that participated is to be commended for its efforts to improve the environment in which we all live—the air, the water and the land. Being a good steward not only makes our communities healthier and more livable for both present and future generations, it is the right and responsible thing to do, and often saves money and valuable resources in the process.

So we say, "Good job, participating cities!" Our hats are off to you! Keep up the good work! The air, water and land, and current and future generations are grateful for whatever you do to be better stewards of the earth.

The Survey Results:
Please consider the following when viewing the results below:
  1. The survey was intended to cover many, if not most, of the main things communities can do to to help improve the environment, but the survey was not intended to be definitive.
  2. Thirty-six items were on the survey. Cities were asked to indicate which items they were currently doing. If they were doing things not on the survey, they were asked to indicate those things. Links to appendices are posted below to indicate non-survey responses by participants.
  3. The submitted responses on the survey were self-reported by the cities and were not independently verified by the UVEF.
  4. Participation was encouraged but voluntary. Non-participation does not necessarily mean a city or town is doing nothing to be a good steward of the environment.
  5. Cities were given 3 months to complete and return the survey. Some surveys were completed and returned within one hour.
  6. We plan on administering the survey again in January of 2014 to help identify further developments and to encourage cities in Utah Valley to continue improving their stewardship.
  7. For a copy of the actual survey, please e-mail your request to Chair@UVEF.us.
To view the SURVEY RESULTS click HERE or on the graphic below: 

Appendix #1
  (written responses of *cities)
Appendix #2  (written responses for Lindon)

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